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Textile Cord-Pendant lamp kit With 2 Switchs

Pendant lamp kit type: incandescent, Edison light bulb
Material: Aluminum+ Iron+ Plastic
Wattage: 0-250W
Voltage: 110- 220V
Wire of Length: 11.48 Feet/3.5M
Base: E26/ E27
Socket Color:copper and black

Product Description

Traditional Pendant lamp kit have had a huge comeback that has really taken off in connection with the expansion of huge bulbs as a light source. There is no reason to have a lamp shade that hides the beautiful bulbs. Instead, you can use a cloth covered cable with a socket to create a complete light source.

textile cables are also called Fabric Cables but the two designations apply to the same product. It is the perfect way to influence your home décor in a simple and personal way.
In addition to the cable, the

Pendant lamp kit


also plays a significant role. At James we have, therefore, created a collection with metal sockets in brass, chrome, copper and black copper that all provide a classic appearance that radiates style and elegance.


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