China manufacturer and supplier of E27 lamp holder and GU10 lamp holder



James Lamp Holder



E40 F547-3 Leviton Sockets Lamp Holder for LED & HID lamps, China Leviton Sockets Lamp Holder supplier
FE26-E39D ceramic edison screw switched lamp holder for HID lamps and LED bulbs, China FE26 to E39D switched lamp holder supplier
Outdoor Lamp Holders for floodlights and street lights fixtures, wholesale Outdoor Lamp Holders to USA & EU
E40 Industrial Lamp Holder extender mogul holder adapter for lamp holder reflector
FE26-E39 ceramic screw lamp holder replacement for HID light fixtures, Voltage: 220-250 V,Current: 4-16 A

James supply the lamp holders, bulb holders, E27 lamp holder and GU10 lamp holder 30 years!

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