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E27 Brass light socket,Terminal block:zinc,copper Center connect: copper,iron Bulb circle:copper,aluminum,iron Bracket:iron Starting voltage to 5 kV Screw Brass light socket
E27 F701B ceiling light bulb socket For E27 (27mm Diameter Screw In) Lamps Heat Lamps, Metal Halide Lamps,high pressure Sdium Lamps
Edison Screw Glazed Ceramic Bulb Holder ES E27 Lamp Socket Wall Mounting
E27 light holder 0.5/0.75mm2 with 15cm cable, E27 bulb holder with 15cm braided silicone rubber,
Edison Screw E27 F504 ceramic lamp base white, Voltage: 220-250 V, Current: 4-16 A

James supply the lamp holders, bulb holders, E27 lamp holder and GU10 lamp holder 30 years!

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