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k12x30s light bulb socket for grow light reflector

k12x30s light bulb socket Equipped with a K12x30S socket and a 13-foot lamp cord
Use with 1000-watt HPS lamps rated for open fixtures
 Lamp and light ballast must be purchased separately
 Eye bolts included for easy hanging installation
 Suitable for damp locations
 For plant cultivation

Product Description

k12x30s light bulb socket

wide light delivery in a reflector hood. Assembled size - 32.25" x 29" x 9" Super compact box takes up little shelf space ,Includes built-in socket and 15' cordset Folded and rounded corners Instructions.

k12x30s light bulb socket features:
K12x 30s lampholders
Suitable for luminaires of protection class II
Casing: LCP, black, T150
Nominal rating: 4/500/3 kV
Contacts: CuSn6, silver plated
Leads: Cu tinned, stranded conductors 1 mm2
    Si-insulation, doubled insulated
Rear recess M4, wrench size 7
Rear and bottom fixing holes for screws M5
Weight: 75.9/61.5 g, unit: 100 pcs.

k12x30s light bulb socket is a cutting-edge adjustable grow light reflector. Designed to hold one double-ended high pressure sodium lamp, this James fixture will provide 96% of valuable, uniform light to your plants from its high-efficiency micro-aluminum reflector. Since the reflector needs to remain in optimal condition, k12x30s light bulb socket for grow light reflector can be easily replaced without tools and while the lamp is still in the lampholder.

Measuring 20.1 inches in length and only 9.6 inches in width, this reflector is a convenient investment and perfect for indoor grow lighting projects.

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