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E27 Festoon Cable 50cm festoon light socket

Commercial E27 Festoon Cable 50cm festoon light socket intervals.
Lengths ordered are supplied as one piece, ie 6 x 1.0 metre you get a single 6 metre length.
Warranty: 3 Years.
Rated Voltage: 24V
Rated Power @ 24V: festoon light socket 2.5W max each.
Lampholder: Moulded E27 with weatherproof silicon rubber ring.
Lampholder Interval: 25cm.
Cable: Double insulated, H05RNH2 – 2 x 1.5mm².
Cable Dimensions: Rectangle 13mm x 5mm.
Ingress Protection: IP44.
Certifications: CE ROHS

Product Description

E27 Festoon Cable 50cm festoon light socket intervals.

Maximum continuous length is 100m. Higher quantities will be delivered in sections.
Do not exceed the maximum specified wattage of each festoon light socket and any single run.
For information on total bulb counts, please refer to the bulbs per metre chart.

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