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E27 festoon lamp holder ceramic

E27 festoon lamp holder ceramic CE UL

Input Voltage Max: 250VAC
Rated Current Max: 4A
Earth Requirement: No
Temperature Classification: T170
Material: Porcelain & ceramic
Base Type: Edison Screw, ES, E27
Entry Type: Plastic cord grip
Diameter: 57mm
Height: 75mm.
Rated IP 22

Product Description


Festoon lamp holder


having a structure of an ionic bond or a covalent bond, high bond energy between atoms with strong, the surface free energy is low, thereby imparting a high melting point of the ceramic material, high stiffness, high chemical stability, high dielectric insulation capacity, thermal expansion coefficient is small, and a small coefficient of friction characteristics; Poor compared with the metal material, the plastic deformation capacity and the sensitivity of stress concentration and cracks. Obviously, as a mechanical structure with a ceramic material, its reliability differential than the metal material, machining is difficult, the cost is high.


However, the use of the thermal spraying technique, preparing a ceramic coating on a metal substrate, can the characteristics and the characteristics of the ceramic festoon lamp holder material of the metal material organically combined to obtain the composite material structure. This composite structure with exceptional performance, thermal spray technology applied to civilian industrial areas such as energy, transportation, metallurgy, textile, petrochemical, machinery quickly expanded from high tip.

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