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E27-SD02 screw bakelite lamp holder Europe standard

Model:E27-SD02 screw  bakelite lamp holder                       
Serie:E27 socket holder (Europe standard)    
Colour:White,Black,The rice of yellow,Transparent,Any colour.
Cable section: 0.5mm²-1.5mm²
Terminal: Screw terminal ø3mm
Components Details: 1 Insert, 1 Smooth Skirt, 1 Cap with threaded plastic (or metal) entry M10×1.(Total 3 Parts)

Product Description

E27-SD02 screw bakelite lamp holder advantage
1.Using high temperature resistant, anti-aging material.
In PBT for aging test of main production and processing base,
2. it has a high temperature resistant, anti-aging, can features such as flame retardant.
E27 light bulb socket design for stainless steel shell with five claws.
3.In the process of aging test can be firmly stuck lamp holder, can directly plug in again and remove the energy-saving lamps.
4.Different varieties of models of energy-saving lamps, LED lights can conversion in the form of aging tests.
5.Think many conveying equipment factory, energy-saving lamp production factory production lines of aging,

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