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Surface mounted g23 lamp base for led lamp

Plastic g23 lamp base specification:
Model: JMS-G23-DL09-1
Quality Certification: CE/RoHS/UL
Light source: tubular fluorescent lamps
Light source power :4-80 (W)
Heat: T110 ° C
Withstand voltage: 2A / 250 V
g23 lamp base Scope: Grille, bracket lamp, three anti-light, clean lighting

Product Description

LED g23 lamp base manufacturing process of the lamp positioning means of the housing, which comprises the working of the table, under the pressure of components, the controller and the drive, the lower press assembly is provided with the compression structure, the cylinder, the piston, the rack, positioning axis;the lower end of the bench provided fixture; match of said cylinder and piston.

the piston with the rack is fixed, said shaft with the rack vertical positioning, positioning axis fixed gear engaging said gear rack, said positioning shaftfixed positioning of head, the positioning head has a two and the cap through hole of the housing end portion matches the positioning pin, said positioning pin with respect to the positioning head can be elastically stretchable; said controller, respectively, with a drive, the compression The structure, the cylinder is electrically connected; said drive table drive connection. The utility model using linear cylinder instead of the rotating cylinder, to reduce the the fluorescent lamp holders manufacturing cost of equipment and manufacturing technology requirements.

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