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Halogen light bulb socket GU5.3 lamp holder

Porcelain MR16 halogen light bulb socket for LED & halogen lamps
Type: GU5.3 lamp holder plug in
Electric current: 2A 100W
Voltage: 250V
5KV T250
Weight(Kg): 0.02
Cable choose: silicone, braided, teflon,high temperatured resistant
Available cord: 0.3 / 0.5 / 0.75 / 1mm2
Main material: Radioceramic
Contact : Nickel-plated copper

Product Description

halogen light bulb socket (sometimes referred to as gu5.3 lamp holder) is established by a number of manufacturers of standard halogen reflector lamps. MR16 type LED lamp current can also be seen. MR16 is a naming numbers, where "MR" represent multiple reflector. 16 represents the length of the diameter before, the number of multiple unit length, required 8 units of 1 inch. In MR16 example, the first diameter is 16 units long, the front is 2 inches in diameter, that 2x2.54cm = 5.08cm, diameter of about 5 cm long.

halogen light bulb socket adapters are utilized to either extend, enlarge or reduce your current lamp socket to another size. Utilize these lamp socket adapters to best fit your current home or office fixtures to meet your needs - without having to purchase a new fixture.

The different lamp holders characteristics were used such as steel, aluminum, brass, ceramics, and plastics material, a pin of the socket caps steel or brass, the electrical contact pads and the pins of brass or the performance of the same material should be used.

halogen light bulb socket application:
Use this to fit any MR16 or MR11 bulb into a hardwire system. It allows you to plug in

Your LED bulbs and attach it to normal lighting wires.
This round halogen light bulb socket are made from porcelain and work with MR16 lamps along with many other bi-pin lamps, including G4, G6.35, GY6.35, GX5.3 MR16, GZ4 ,MR11 bases.
Package : 10PCS/20PCS/50CS MR16 halogen light bulb socket plug

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