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Brass lamp fittings e27 light bulb socket

Antique edison Brass lamp fittings:
Base : B22 / E27/ E26
Switch:with or without
Body finished:smooth or thread with rings.
Earth Requirement: Yes
Temperature Classification: T170
Material: Brass
Base Type: Edison Screw, ES, E27
Entry Type: Collet Style Cable Grip
Maximum Static Load: 3kgs
Shade Nut: Yes, one as standard.

Product Description

Brass lamp fittings e27 light bulb socket
Diameter: 38mm, length: 70mm
250V 250W
M10 Screw
Color:brass,siliver or black chrome etc
Body finished:brush or polished

Materials Interior Brass lamp fittings:
Aluminum: Aluminum is the most common and cost effective material for the e27 light bulb socket interior.
Copper: Copper is an alternative to Aluminum where the fixture is exposed to weather. Porch fixtures should use sockets with copper screw shell and porcelain body.

Exterior Cap and Shell:
Brass: Brass is the most common materials in a socket shell. There are different finishes in the brass shell like; polished (shiny), antique, and unfinished
Brass plated: Brass plated shells are similar to the brass shells in appearance with a cheaper price. A brass plated shell comes with similar finishes to the solid brass shell.
Nickel plated: Shiny silver finish.

Pendant e27 light bulb socket Edison E27 fitting with new brass body. Internally this Brass Pendant light bulb socket Edison E27 features a quality ceramic insert and brass screw terminals.

This precision made solid brass E27 lamp holder features a high quality ceramic insert with brass screw terminals. A compression style cord grip ensures that the cable can not be pulled from the fitting.

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