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E27 0113/D lamp holders E27 white

Product Abstract:

1. E14, E26, E27, E39, E40 series 2. Certification: VDE, CQC.ISO,RoHS 3. OEM is available.

lamp holder E27 white with bracket

Product Description

E27 0113/D Porcelain Lampholder

1. Product name: Porcelain lampholder E27 0113/D

2. Certificate: VDE,CQC, ISO,RoHS

3. * Rated at 4A 500V 1.5KV pulse rated

* zinc-plated iron screw shell

* copper screw contact

* Not glazed porcelain body

4. Main material: procelain

5. Metal: iron, copper, aluminum alloy, brass

6. Contact type: Screw style


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