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E27 leviton porcelain light socket

E27 leviton porcelain light socket blue

Input Voltage Max: 250VAC
Rated Current Max: 4A
Earth Requirement: No
Temperature Classification: T170
Material: Porcelain & ceramic
Base Type: Edison Screw, ES, E27
Entry Type: Plastic cord grip
Height: 75mm
Diameter: 48mm

Product Description


leviton porcelain light socket


material: ceramic
Metal accessories: aluminum plated yellow, iron galvanized blue zinc-plated iron, iron-
plated color, iron, nickel-plated, nickel-plated brass.


leviton porcelain light socket Main applications: outdoor lighting, tunnel lighting, floodlights,
projection lights, searchlights, lawn lamp, buried lights, pole, road lighting, garden
lights, landscape lights, docks and bridges lights, stage lighting, photography lighting,
medical lamps, spotlights, cups, lamps, advertising lamps, ultraviolet lamps, mosquito
lamps, infrared lamps, mining lamps, underwater lamps, explosion-proof lamps, decorative
lamps, the machine fixtures indoor lighting, grid lamps, table lamps, chandeliers , wall
lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, downlights with accessories

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